HMA intends to deliver a focused output through Social Development projects with the aim of enhancing the economic and social conditions of the community. The two sections under Social Development projects of HMA include Public Health Projects and general Community Projects.

Public Health Projects

The objective of Public Health projects cell is to promote, protect and preserve people’s health through organized efforts of society, organizations, public and private, communities and individuals.

Community Projects

The objective of Social Community Development Project is to raise the standard of living of the people, by identifying and taking collective action on probable issues which are of importance to the society at large.


HMA’s pioneering project “Thinkal – Awareness creation and distribution of menstrual cups” is a project that is intended to spread awareness, provide and encourage women to use menstrual cups for ensuring better menstrual hygiene. HMA follows a model that includes not only the distribution of M-cups but also creating awareness through medical professionals and thus encouraging women to use menstrual cups. Through this model, medical professionals alter the perceptions of the beneficiaries and help break the cultural taboo associated with menstrual hygiene.

This project has helped in improving the menstrual health and hygiene of menstruating women in an eco-friendly manner. The division has been taking up several projects for awareness creation and distribution of M-Cups with the support of LSGB, NGOs, SHGs, organizations etc. The three models of HLL M-Cup projects are:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Project Model
  • Local Self Government Bodies (LSGB) Project Model
  • User fee Project Model

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Project Model:

HMA along with CSR funding of organizations implements awareness creation and distribution of menstrual cups. The area of emphasis and the reach of the project are determined by the funding agency. Medical professionals such as doctors, qualified nurses or Public health specialists create awareness and distribute M-Cups as per the project criteria.

Local Self Government Bodies (LSGB) Project Model:

With the support of respective LSGB, HMA organizes Awareness creation and distribution of menstrual cups. Medical professionals of HMA provide M-cup awareness to the ASHA, Anganwadi and Kudumbashree workers who in turn spread awareness to the beneficiaries. The distribution of the M-cup is implemented through LSGB authorities.

User Fee Project Model:

HMA conducts awareness creation and distribution of menstrual cups as per the requirement of organizations at cost. Several organizations conduct innovative menstrual hygiene management programs as part of their welfare activity.

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